October 8, 2018

Champagne and Lobster event at Tailend

Champagne and Lobster event at Tailend 

A celebration of gourmet food and fizz

Champagne and lobster! Could there be a more perfect pairing?! Tailend St Andrews delivered an outstanding five-course meal with sumptuous lobster and Champagne carefully chosen for each course to subtly enhance and bring out the flavours of every dish.

Guest speaker Mark O’Brien presented the history of Taittinger Champage and explained the pairings between seafood & Champagne.

Taittinger is the second largest domaine vineyard owner in the region and their vineyards supply more than half of their needs which gives them the quality control from vine to bottle and consistency of style. Taittinger enjoys many prestigious associations and for over a decade they’ve been an official supplier for BAFTA’s and Aston Martin Owners Club, which is particularly appropriate given that James Bond’s Champagne of choice in Casino Royale was Taittinger.

Event was hosted by Archi from Luvians Bottle Shop in St Andrews.

In modern world lobster is associated with luxury. It’s a treat at a fancy restaurant, symbol of a status, an indulgent delicacy dipped in butter. But before 1950s, lobster was fed it to prisoners and pets, and during World War 2 it was served in cans, which were cheaper than beans. Luckily, lobster managed to regain its place on the restaurant menu with movie stars being photographed dining out on the delicacy.

Lobster Arancini served with Taittinger Brut Reserve

Our first course was Lobster Arancini served with Taittinger Brut Reserve

‘Arancia’ is the Italian word for ‘orange.’ Like little orange-golden spheres, creamy risotto arancini balls were breaded and fried and stuffed with lobster meat.
Crunchy on the outside, soft and flavoursome inside. Perfect start to our meal.

Lobster Bisque served with Taittinger Brut Reserve

Second course was Lobster Bisque served with Taittinger Brut Reserve

This deeply rich and creamy lobster soup was velvety-smooth and packed with intense flavour. Bisque retained two critical qualities: delicious lobster flavor and a luxurious creaminess. Small portion was just enough as a second course.

Lobster Salad wiht Apple and Truffle Mayo with Taittinger Folies De La Marquetterie

After a intense flavours of lobster bisque, lobster salad offered something totally different. Light, colourful and versatile salad with beautiful crunchy textures was the perfect pairing for fruity, graceful, golden peach flavours of Taittinger Folies De La Marquetterie.

Half Grilled Lobster with Lime a & Corriander Butter with Taittinger Prelude Grand Crus

Boiled lobster is good, but in my opinion, grilled lobsters are much better. I love the fact they used flavoured butter and added finely chopped chilli and coriander to the mix. Lobster was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper.
Lobster goes perfectly with champagne and choice for this course was subtle and fresh Taittinger Prelude Grand Crus. Flavours were dominated by intense fresh citrus fruit which then gave way to a much fuller, well-bodied and mellow taste with flavours reminiscent of white peaches in syrup.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Berries with Taittinger Nocturne

The panna cotta was set perfectly with just enough density. Sometimes panna cotta can be very rich, but this one was light and not too sweet. Soft, fresh and mellow notes of Taittinger Nocturne with delicate floral and ripe fruit flavours accompanied the dessert very well.

Prestigious champagne and sophisticated ingredients created an experience fit for a King or Queen!
Showcasing quality local ingredients, Tailend served dishes that championed simplicity and gutsy flavour.

It was a great night of fun, discussions, great food and not to mention quality champagne. I would recommend keep an eye on Tailend future events (be quick, they sell out fast) and take your friends and family.


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