April 9, 2018

Twenty Princes Street – Spring Menu Review

I love coming back to Twenty Prices Street. The restaurant is without a doubt one of the most popular and well know places in Edinburgh for food & drink. The sister venue within the same building, The Juniper, offers a fantastic selection of classic cocktails as well as innovative modern twists and with those views you could not ask for a better location. Twenty Princes Street benefits from stunning panoramic views of the Edinburgh cityscape, including the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle. The interior is stylish and the atmosphere very relaxing which makes this venue very popular with locals and visitors. Every visit in the past, the restaurant surprised us with new dishes and flavours and they did it again this time.

The new spring menu focuses on the finest of locally sourced Scottish ingredients –  grass fed Lothian and Borders cattle, Scottish Rope-Grown Mussels, Buccleuch Black Pudding, Highland Rabbit, West Coast Scallops and Ayrshire Pig’s cheek.

As starters, we ordered Buccleuch Black Pudding & Haggis French Toast and West Coast Crab & Squid Ink Raviolo

Buccleuch Black Pudding & Haggis French Toast

Black crowdie, spiced port glaze

Can this dish be any more Scottish?! The best of the Scottish produce combined together to showcase high quality ingredients from the Scotland’ rich larder. The black pudding had a very satisfying and rich flavour, that was nicely complimented by a tanginess and sweet taste of spiced pear.

West Coast Crab & Squid Ink Raviolo

Roasted Shellfish & Earl Grey Broth

I was intrigued about pairing seafood with earl grey broth. “Cooking with tea” is becoming more popular and different types of tea are being used to create innovative dishes.

Crab & Squid Ink Raviolo with roasted shellfish, made with delicious homemade pasta, hit all seafood-loving pleasure points.  The fresh floral notes of Earl Grey worked very well with delicious subtle flavours of seafood. The presentation was simple and elegant.


For mains, Andy went for the T-Bone steak and I opted for Roasted Guineafowl Supreme

Roasted Guineafowl Supreme

Charred Savoy Cabbage, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Red Currant Jus

Guineafowl looks and tastes quite similar to chicken and pheasant. The supreme cut of guinea fowl is the breast portion with the wing drumette attached. Surprisingly, I haven’t had the opportunity to taste it before. My first experience with Guinea Fowl was excellent. The meat was cooked to perfection. The lovely succulent breast with crispy skin was full of flavour but not too heavy. Set on the top of a good portion of charred savoy cabbage, this stunning dish had not only the heights but also bright colours.  I loved the sharpness of cranberries and smooth velvety texture of artichoke puree.


T-Bone steak 18oz/500g

Twenty Princes Street is well known for their high-end grill offerings and steaks. The restaurant uses a special Josper grill, available only in few places in UK, which gives meat a genuine chargrilled, smoky flavour.  Not only are the grilling techniques unique, all their beef is sourced from grass fed castle from the finest farms in the Lothian & Borders, dry aged on the bone for 35 days, concentrating the flavour and maximising tenderness.

Andy’s T-bone steak was just a proof that Twenty Princes street is the place to dine for meat lovers. Good steak is without a doubt, one of the purest carnivorous pleasures available.  Andy’s juicy steak was cooked medium rare as requested and we simply could not fault it.

Unfortunately, we did not leave ourselves any space for dessert, but we were very happy with our meal and choices and we plan to visit again soon.

Twenty Princes Street is without a question a great place to visit. With its stunning views and warm relaxed atmosphere, guest can enjoy evening cocktail or delicious Scottish cuisine.  Whether it is a date night or evening with friends and family, Twenty Princes Street is the perfect venue for any occasion.

Twenty Princes Street

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