February 22, 2018

Food Safari with Tailend and Eden Mill Review

St Andrews is one of my favourite places in Scotland. A town known for the best golf courses in the world and Scotland’s first University also has a huge hospitality offering for visitors and locals. From fine dining restaurants to casual eateries, there is something for everyone.  What I love the most about this place is the fact that the businesses work closely together for the benefit of the region.  From local initiatives and charities to food festivals celebrating St Andrews Food & Drink Scene, they know the importance of working with each other.

We have been invited to participate in Food Safari organised by Tailend and Eden Mill that involves 5 of the best local & independent businesses in the town. Guests had the opportunity to eat and drink in these wonderful establishments with a percentage of the tickets donated to Toby’s Magical Journey, a small charity in Scotland supporting local children and young people with cancer.

Toby’s Magical Journey is the brain child of Toby Etheridge who in 2014 aged just 9 years old was diagnosed with Leukaemia, since then he has tirelessly fundraised to show others that life living with cancer is not all doom and gloom and you can overcome cancer because he is living proof.

The evening started at The Playfair’s restaurant. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to enjoy the pheasant starter on offer however we were in time to catch a few photos of the guests at this event.

Our next stop was The Tailend St Andrews

We had visited Tailend on many occasions in the past and every single time we were wowed by the clever combination of locally sourced ingredients, creativity and skills of the chef. Despite of full restaurant the kitchen team delivered an outstanding dish that left us excited for more. Sipping a gin & tonic and listening to amazing stories from Steve (Eden Mill) and Charmaine (Jannettas Gelateria) we did not realise how quickly time flies and very soon it was the time for our next stop – Luvians Bottleshop.

Baked cod with shallots, artichoke puree, artichoke crisps and baked jam

At Luvians, guests had the opportunity to sample their new Graduation gin and learn about the history of gin & tonic. I found it fascinating listening to Archie from Luvians, talking passionately about the origins of this popular drink.

Our next stop was Jannettas Gelateria, where the owners had prepared a very spectacular dessert for the guests.

White chocolate dome

Inside was Eden Mill Blend No 4 Whisky ice cream; Orange and mascarpone sherbet ice cream with some granola

We were told that if we could pour the melted chocolate correctly over the dome then it should open up like the petals of a flower. It took us two attempts but I think we managed it.

Last stop was The Adamson Cocktail bar.  We’ve been to The Adamson many times and I’ve always loved their cocktails. That was the perfect culmination of an amazing event that everyone enjoyed.

We would like to thank  Duncan from Playfair’s Restaurant, Sam & Jess  from The Tailend, Archie from  Luvians , Nicola, Owen and Charmaine from Jannettas Gelateria , Dougal  from The Adamson for a fantastic night and for bringing whole new level of experience to the town.

If you want to support or learn more about Toby’s Magical Journey then please visit his website  http://tobysmagicaljourney.co.uk/

For more information about future events, please contact The Tailend. https://www.thetailend.co.uk/

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