November 14, 2017

Award winning Italian Restaurant La Favorita Launches their new menu

Pizza is one of my guilty pleasures but I don’t get to eat pizza as much as I would like. I like quality food and fresh ingredients so I stay away from big pizza chains that deliver greasy pizzas topped with a massive amount of cheap cheese.

Award-winning pizza restaurant La Favorita in Edinburgh has just launched their new menu and we’ve been invited to sample their most popular offerings. The restaurant won numerous awards over the last few years and has established itself as the best place in Edinburgh for pizza lovers. Hugely popular with local residents and visitors, La Favorita pride itself in serving delicious, fresh and authentic Italian dishes.

Owned by Italian family Crolla, who runs other venues dotted around the city including Vittoria on the Walk, Vittoria on the Bridge, Divino Enoteca and Taste of Italy.

With traditional family values, friendly bustling atmosphere and genuine Italian food, Crolla group has brought a true taste of Italy to Edinburgh.

The new menu at La Favorita focuses on ‘The Best Pizza in Scotland’, which can be adjusted for the customers’ preferences, however, the range of dishes include Vegan, Gluten Free and Pasta options.  All delicious gourmet Italian pastas and pizzas are made to order; you can also enjoy tasty options from the grill – cooked to your liking, with a great choice of antipasti starters, fresh salads and indulgent freshly made desserts.

La Favorita is the home of Scotland’s original log-fired pizza cooked in revolving 300C log-fired ovens to give that special crispiness and smoky flavour and topped with finest Italian ingredients.

It was Tuesday evening and the restaurant was buzzing and the smell of freshly cooked pizzas was so inviting, we could not wait to taste La Favorita’s best dishes.

To start off with I had  Vitello Tonnato ( Slices of seared veal loin served pink with a smooth tuna puree, rocket & toasted capers drizzled with extra virgin olive oil) and Andy went for Insalata Caprese (Buffalo mozzarella & vine tomatoes, fat olives, rocket, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & oregano)


Buffalo mozzarella & vine tomatoes, fat olives, rocket, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & oregano

Simple, nicely presented salad was absolutely delicious. The salad was a truly Italian dish, featuring the colours of the Italian flag: green, white, and red. Sweet and juicy vine tomatoes topped with creamy buffalo mozzarella balls, rocket, olives and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar to elevate every single bite!

I loved this salad for its simplicity, fresh ingredients and delicious flavours


Slices of seared veal loin served pink with a smooth tuna puree, rocket & toasted capers drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Another famous Italian classic that is served cold.  Slices of seared veal loin served in a smooth and rich tuna puree made from tuna, capers and anchovy.

Veal was tender and flavoursome. Again, simple dish nicely presented with fresh quality ingredients

The dish was quite filling, so I would suggest adjusting your main course accordingly.

Fellow bloggers enjoyed BRUSCHETTA TARTUFATA £6.50 (Toasted sourdough bread topped with wild mushrooms and melted gorgonzola cheese, drizzled with truffle oil)


Time for the main event – pizza. I was waiting for that moment like a kid for a Christmas 😉  My choice was Parmigiana and Andy went for Zucca Con Nduja

PARMIGIANA  14” £11.95

Tomato, mozzarella & stracchino cheese, aubergine, fresh basil with shavings of parmesan & aubergine crisps.

If you love parmesan, you will absolutely adore this pizza.  I ordered 14” pizza but I did not have huge problems with finishing it despite quite filling starter.  In-season aubergines are wonderfully complemented by Parmesan, tomato and fresh basil.

The pizza was great I loved it. Cooked on a log-fire oven, which gave it a great crust and a slightly smoky flavour. I liked aubergine crisps on the top which gave the pizza extra crunchiness.

ZUCCA CON NDUJA 14” £14.95

Tomato base pizza with nduja & roasted pumpkin, mozzarella & smoked mozzarella, pancetta, red onion & finished with honey & crumbled amaretti biscuit

Pumpkin is one of my favourite seasonal ingredients. I really like this new flavour combo- savoury pancetta, mozzarella finished with honey and crumbled amaretti biscuit. Something I’ve never tasted before and I would highly recommend trying this pizza.

Other bloggers opted for HOT STAR 14″ £15.95

This pizza won Scotland’s ‘Best pizza’. Spicy and deeply flavoursome, it’s tomato base is topped with nduja, ricotta, spicy salami, corn-fed chicken, red onion & red chilli – it’s an absolute winner!

We could not leave without trying Italian desserts. We decided to share Knickerbocker Glory as both of us managed to eat 14” pizza each and a starter.


Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, raspberry and chocolate sauce, fruit, cream, a wafer and nuts.

La Favorita has built an admirable reputation for serving the highest standards of authentic Italian food and we are not surprised why it has become a destination for hungry Edinburgians looking for a true Italian experience.  With numerous awards and the best pizza in the city La Favorita is our favourite place and if you have not been yet, pay them a visit and taste the difference!

La Favorita Restaurant

Address331-325 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA

Phone0131 554 2430



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