November 8, 2017

The Grill Room at Airth Castle Review

Airth Castle is a place with a history.  The castle, which dates back to the 14th century was once owned by the family of Robert the Bruce and it’s perfectly complemented by stunning courtyard building where you can find The Grill Room restaurant, leisure club & spa and many of the bedrooms.

The land on which Airth Castle stands has a very long and interesting past. Legend tells of one of the original incarnations of the castle being attacked by William Wallace in a bid to free his imprisoned uncle, then a couple of centuries later the castle had been completely destroyed after the defeat of King James III in 1488. The Castle was then rebuilt and owned by the Bruces of Airth and through the centuries has had extensions and towers added to result in the magnificent building that stands there today.

Nowadays, the Airth Castle has been completely transformed into an oasis of rest and relaxation with a health spa that includes six indulgent treatment rooms, a relaxation area, indoor heated swimming pool with poolside terrace, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and an air-conditioned fitness suite.

The hotel can also accommodate corporate bookings from board meetings to major events and who knows how many newlyweds have celebrated here with Airth Castles impressive wedding packages.

The Grill Room Restaurant & Bar is set under a modern and unique pyramid of glass and tastefully decorated with a visionary design featuring comfortable boots, chandeliers and horse-shaped lamps. During the day the restaurant benefits from natural light and beautiful views of surrounding gardens. The Grill Room at Airth Castle is renowned for its locally inspired dishes, fresh, high-quality ingredients matched with an equally impressive list of cocktails, drinks and wines. On a sunny summer day, you can also enjoy al fresco dining and drinking at their lovely outdoor terrace.

At night, the restaurant transforms into a relaxing and intimate space with dimmed lights and smooth music playing in the background.

When we walked in, we were warmly welcomed at the reception desk and ushered to the restaurant where we were shown our table. It took us a while to decide what we want to try and as always, we went with the staff recommendations.

It was hard not to try one of their signature cocktails and after a quick chat with the head bartender, we opted for French martini and Cucumber mojito.

Cucumber Mojito Cocktail

French Martini Cocktail

Can’t go wrong with these well known classic cocktails which we loved.


SOUTH INDIAN MOULES (£7.50/£11.50) Steamed Mussels in Coconut Curry Sauce Coriander, Lime, Crusty Bread

Classic French Mussels with an Indian twist served with a crusty bread on the side.

The mussels were boiled in a delicious creamy curry sauce with a dash of lime juice and coriander which gave them amazing aroma and spicy intense flavour. The coconut milk added a hint of sweetness which was carefully balanced with the sharpness of curry and chilli peppers. The portion was huge and filled me up quite quickly but I enjoyed every mouthful.

Aged Balsamic Reduction, Walnut Bread, Rocket Leaves

Rustic and packed with flavour, just the way I like it. Delicate sweet flavours of whipped goat’s cheese were contrasted with the sharpness of tomato relish and aged balsamic reduction.


Wild Mushroom Gnocchi, Leek, Spinach White Wine Tarragon Cream Sauce

I loved this dish. The chicken was juicy and tender but the best part of the dish was wild mushroom gnocchi. I could eat the whole plate of gnocchi alone if I could. The whole dish was carefully created to combine strong, bold flavours of autumnal wild mushrooms and spinach with delicious delicate flavours of the chicken.

Chicken and tarragon with cream and mushrooms are a well-known classic combo where flavours just get along and as such makes for a lovely dinner dish.

PIRI PIRI CHICKEN BREAST BURGER, LIME AND CORRIANDER MAYO (£13.00)– served with rustic cut chips, crispy bacon, Monterey jack cheese, gherkin, cos, tomato.

Piri-piri chicken burger had a little spicy kick which was cooled down by the coriander mayo and fresh vegetables. The chicken breast was grilled to perfection with a crispy batter on the outside. Served on a sweet cornflour sesame bun with rustic cut chips and mayo on the side.





By that point, I was really full but I did not want to compromise on the dessert, so we decided to share Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Delice.

This indulgent rich chocolate dessert is for serious chocolate lovers only.

Deliciously creamy chocolate mousse on a wafer base combined with some crunchy peanuts almost caused a fight between us who will eat the last bite. Despite the fact I was struggling for space, I enjoyed every bite and next time I will order one just for myself.

When visiting The Grill Room at Airth Castle make sure you leave enough room for their irresistible hand-crafted desserts.

Airth Castle is a fantastic place to visit. Not just only to relax and unwind, but also to taste some of the best locally inspired dishes featuring classics with a modern twist, tender steaks & burgers with seasonal specials. All these with a selection of matching wines, cocktails and champagnes. The Grill Room at Airth Castle delivered superbly crafted dishes we absolutely loved. If you are looking for a romantic dinner or lazy lunch during the day, The Grill room with its amazing views and atmosphere is the place to go. We cannot recommend Airth Castle highly enough and next time we will reserve more time to check their amazing suites and relax in their spa.

Airth Castle Hotel & Spa
Airth, Stirlingshire,

T: 01324 831 411

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