August 12, 2017

Improving customer service at your restaurants using VoucherZ

Here at Tablaro we get to see a lot of software aimed at the hospitality sector, and it now takes a lot to impress our team. From table booking to marketing and everything in between we have been exposed to a variety of claims from solution providers, some true, some lets just say ‘a bit exaggerated.’


So when we were asked to try a new tool called VoucherZ ( that claimed to help ‘improve customer service’ we were a little underwhelmed. However since the recommendation came from a long-standing partner we trust, we gave it a whirl.


Firstly let me try and describe what VoucherZ actually does, because it’s a bit unlike any other tool we have ever seen. Part marketing, part offers, put simply it allows establishments to create offer codes for their customer, and then track their use. Sounds simple, but have you seen a product that makes this easy before?


Initial reactions to the product were good, we signed up within 10 seconds, and had our restaurants set up within 2 minutes. The product walked us through this journey and then asked us what we would like to do next.


We opted to create a new offer; the process of creating an offer was simple, VoucherZ wizard took us through a 1-step process and we were good to go.


Once we had set up our offer we were taken to a page where we could see the URL’s of our voucher codes.


Each code can only be used once, and once used the product is updated with the authentication code, outlet name, date and time it was used. Allowing you to keep track of how successful your VoucherZ have been.


Having played with the system for a week, it is obvious that for its $9.99 price tag VoucherZ is one of those products that really delivers bang for your buck, and is simple for both the restaurant and the consumer, who simply has to click on a unique URL when in your outlet to redeem his/her offer.


Can VoucherZ really improve customer service?

We believe it definitely has its uses. For example, when dealing with remote complaints where the ability to send a personalised offer to your customer there and then can really help pacify them. But we don’t just see it as a customer service tool. VoucherZ allows you to export 1000’s of unique voucher codes to import into your email marketing. And unlike working with 3rd party deal sites none of the margin received from the offer goes to anyone but you.


Our Verdict:

If you own a restaurant (whether a chain or a single unit) and you want a method to deliver vouchers to customers online, whether over social media or email then VoucherZ is worth a try. At $9.99 for all its features and a 30-day free trial with no credit card necessary it is hard to encourage our readers not to give it a go.



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